Credit Requirements

Credit requirements:

EG: 7 RF & 1 J
CL: 5 RF, 4 CL & 1 J

RF credits can include:

RF - Related Field
EG - Eyeglasses
EC - Contact Lens or Eyeglasses
CL - Contact Lens

CL credits can include:

CL - Contact Lens
EC - Contact Lens or Eyeglasses

J = Jurisprudence module:

Available through the OAC Library as #10.216 "Why Jurisprudence Matters"

Consequences of Professional Development Non Compliance

Professional Development makes it possible for OANB members to receive continuous education. It ensures members practice with the most up-to-date knowledge and highest degree of professionalism, while protecting the safety of themselves and their clients.

Non-compliance A failure to comply with education requirements has serious consequences. All members who have not completed their CE requirements by the annual Dec. 31 deadline must:

1. Submit certificates for double the credits they owe to the OANB office by: 1 month beyond the deadline - ie. Jan. 31 of the new year.

2. If CE requirements are not fulfilled by that date, members will be required to apply to NACOR, to take the Competency Gap Assessment (CGA) at their own expense – cost $350.00. If the member is found lacking in certain skills or knowledge, they will need to take NACOR Bridging Modules, in those areas, to up-grade and complete a post- test(s) as required.

3. If the member fails to comply, their license will be suspended, their employer will be informed, and they may not re-register as an optician until they have completed step #2.

* If a member foresees an inability to meet the annual Professional Development deadline, due to serious, pro-longed illness or other serious circumstances, they must notify the Registrar in writing, as soon as possible and before the deadline, or be subject to the consequences of non-compliance as stated above. The Registrar will refer any notifications received to the OANB Council for consideration.