Your visioncare team

There are Three O’s in Eyecare - the three professionals who provide distinct aspects of eye and visioncare are:


Ophthalmologists are medical or osteopathic doctors, who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye. Specially trained ophthalmologists perform simple refractions, designed to determine what visual correction is needed, and prescribe spectacles or corrective eyewear as required.


Optometrists have a post-graduate degree in the Science of Optometry. They test eyesight and evaluate medical conditions, referring you to an ophthalmologist when necessary. In New Brunswick, qualified optometrists prescribe drugs to treat certain conditions of the eye. Optometrists may also dispense spectacles and contact lenses.


Opticians are to ophthalmologists and optometrists what pharmacists are to medical doctors. Opticians interpret prescriptions and combine them with carefully taken measurements and knowledge about lifestyle, occupation, and personal preferences to provide you with eyeglasses or contact lenses specific to you. They are trained, in dispensaries, as apprentices and are graduates of 2-4-year nationally accredited Optical Sciences programs. Opticians are eyecare professionals, licensed and strictly regulated to ensure they provide safe and competent vision services to their clients, in compliance with a code of ethics and high professional standards. They are required to accumulate continuing education credits, to keep their knowledge and techniques contemporary. They work in cooperation with ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide optimum eye and vision care.

Opticians are eyecare professionals.
Certified contact lens fitters are specially trained opticians.