Your vision is precious - issues of buying eyewear online

The convenience, array and price of products make buying online tempting. For items, like eyewear however, there may be a price that is not reflected in the online price tag.

Eyecare specialists would not consider providing eyewear to someone they have not seen, to assess their eye health, vision requirements and performing the proper measurements and adjustments eyeglasses and contact lenses require. Your vision is precious!

A study published by the medical journal Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association, showed that nearly half of prescription eyeglasses purchased online, either failed safety standards or fell below prescription specifications.

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Other key findings of the Optometric Association’s report are:

  • Over one in five pairs of eyeglasses bought online was incorrect upon delivery
  • 28.6 % of online eyeglasses had at least one lens that contained the wrong prescription
  • 22.7% of one or both lenses failed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s impact-resistance regulation. - Consumer Affairs

Purchasing contact lenses online comes with risks to your vision and eye health. It is important to remember that every contact lens product is unique and designed for a particular purpose. This includes everything from material, curvature, fit, oxygen permeability, deposit resistance, moisture content and lifespan.

If you do purchase eyewear online, you may not receive the quality, material or actual color expected. A virtual try-on cannot compare with choosing your eyewear in person, with a licensed optician to fit and adjust your eyewear exactly. There are also returns, repairs and long-term adjustments to consider, these are often problematic areas when buying online. Many online purchasers find themselves awkwardly turning to opticians when they need help.

Opticians are always there for their clients. 
It makes sense to visit an optician, not the internet, for your eyewear.