OANB’s Commitment To The Public

To ensure to the public the proficiency and competence of opticians

To maintain a high standard of professional ethics among opticians

To promote the proficiency, knowledge, and skill of opticians in all matters relating to their profession

To advance and protect the interest of opticians

To regulate the practice of optical dispensing and to govern its members in accordance with the NB Optician's Act and the regulations

To administer the NB Optician's Act, perform such other duties, and exercise such other powers as are imposed on the Association by or under any Act;

Such other objects as are in accordance with this Act, in order that the public interest may be served and protected. - NB Optician's Act


Privacy: Opticians must ensure that the rules of client privacy and access to their own records are maintained according to the provisions of the provincial legislation Personal Health Information: Privacy And Access. (PHIPPAA – full information available here.)  - OANB Standards of Practice.

Sexual Abuse

The Association shall undertake measures for the prevention of the sexual abuse of clients by its members.

Such measures shall include:

(a) education of members about sexual abuse
(b) guidelines for the conduct of members with clients
(c) providing information to the public respecting such guidelines, and informing the public as to the complaint procedures under the NB Optician's Act

Measures may, where appropriate, be taken jointly with other organizations or associations of health professionals. - The NB Optician’s Act

In New Brunswick, health-regulated professionals have an obligation to report sexual abuse of any patient/client by another health professional. Sexual abuse of a patient/client includes behavior or remarks of sexual nature, sexual touching of any kind, sexual intercourse, or any other forms of physical sexual relations between the health professional and a patient/client. Consent is not a listed factor in determining whether sexual abuse by the health professional has occurred.



As the regulator for NB opticians, OANB is committed to working with opticians to ensure that practice environments are inclusive, tolerant, diverse, safe, and equitable spaces for all.

Cultural Safety

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission report called on all levels of government, in addition to organizations and residents of Canada in general, to take action to mend the legacy of the residential schools and advance the process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. The 2015 report includes 94 Calls to Action, 31 of which fall under the responsibility of the provincial government, including areas such as child welfare, education, language and culture, and health. The Optician’s Association of New Brunswick is actively involved in promoting safety, better understanding, and equitable treatment of the indigenous peoples of New Brunswick.