Do’s & Don’ts for non-optician dispensary employees

There is always a bit of confusion over what
tasks non-opticians working in an optical
dispensary (not under the supervision of an
optometrist), may perform. Hopefully this
information will help clear up any grey areas.
As a regulated health professional, an
optician may direct unregulated support staff/
stylists to assist in the dispensing facility by
performing unrestricted activities under their

This may include activities such as:

• Answering phones and booking
• Handing out product put aside for a
client by a regulated health professional.
• Assisting a client in choosing a frame.
• Selling non-prescription sunglasses, readymade
readers or other products including
contact lens solutions, lens cleaners, or
• Performing financial transactions or
• Maintaining and stocking product displays
and shelves to company standards.
• Keeping the store clean, welcoming and
ensuring health and safety standards are

Unregulated staff may not:
• Suggest lens types
• Adjust or repair frames, or modify contact
lenses orders
• Deliver optical orders unchecked by an
optician or contact lens fitter

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