Regulating Caring & Competent Eyecare

In Brunswick since 1976

Licensure with the Opticians Association of New Brunswick (OANB) will be granted under three circumstances:

  • 1.Applicant has graduated from an accredited Canadian course and has successfully completed a recognized evaluation process (either NACOR’s National Optical Science exam (separate for eyeglasses and contact lenses) or the Quebec l’Ordre’s ongoing process).
    2.Applicant is currently licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction.
    3. In the judgement of the OANB Council, the applicant’s experience, and training meet NB standards.
    To apply please:
    Step 1:  Register – by submitting the following:
    •            Application for Registration/Renewal of License (contact OANB at:
    If licensed in another province you are required to:
    •            Request that a letter of good standing from the Optician’s Association in the Province in which you are
                  currently licensed be sent by email to OANB at:
    •            Submit a copy of your current license with your application
    Step 2:  Pay fees & provide photo – upon notification of OANB Board approval, please submit the following:
    •            Head & shoulders photo (PDF) for mandatory lanyard ID card
    •            Payment form
    •            $475.00
    Once payment is received you will be issued a license number, receive an informational welcome letter and the New Brunswick Ethical Code, Optician’s Act, Regulations and Standards of Practice.