Eye Glasses & Contact Lens


A variety of lens coatings are available to consumers. The most common of these are:

Scratch resistant coating – a clear coating applied to both sides of a plastic lens which helps resist scratching.

Ultraviolet coating (UV) – a coating which helps the lens to absorb more UV radiation, thus protecting the eye from damage by the sun.

Anti-reflective coating (AR) – a multi-layer coating on both sides of the lens which reduces the surface and internal reflections. This results in your eyes being more easily seen by other people, and in your seeing less of those distracting reflections and glare.


All colours of the rainbow are available in tints for plastic lenses, and the tint can be either solid or graduated (ie. near clear at the bottom of the lenses, shading to quite a deep tint near the top).

Plastic lenses are also available that deepen their tint automatically in response to increased light, then lighten again when the wearer goes inside or into shadow.

Glass lenses can be made in clear, grey or brown (solid colours only), and are also available in photochromic (darkens in response to light, lightens again when indoors).

Either glass or plastic may have a polarized filter in brown or grey, which reduces reflected glare.

Specialized tints are available to help with sports glasses.

Consult with your Optician to find out which options will fit with
YOUR lifestyle and YOUR budget!