Members [ 260 ]
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  First Name Last Name Area Membership Dispensary Standing  
  Kaine Abraham Moncton EG/CL - 20180346C Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Alaa Al-Aqel Moncton Apprentice Costco Vision Centre - Moncton Current  
  Jane Alchorn Oromocto EG - 20030002HP Vogue Optical Current  
  Vanessa Allain Moncton EG/CL - 20190361C Vogue Optical Current  
  Nancy Andrews Woodstock EG/CL - 20030141CN N/A Associate  
  Nadine Arsenault Moncton EG - 20100205 Elmwood Optometry Clinic Current  
  Kendra Arsenault Moncton EG/CL - 20150261C Loblaw Optical - Trinity Drive Current  
  Emily Arsenault Moncton EG/CL - 20180325C FYI Doctors Current  
  Jillian Beaman Moncton EG/CL - 20180322C FYI Doctors Current  
  Pearl Beaudet Miramichi EG - 20080185HN N/A Associate  
  Chantale Belliveau Dieppe EG - 20030006 Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Jennifer Bishop Saint John EG/CL - 20030007C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Claude Blacquière Edmundston EG - 20030008 Loblaw Optical Current  
  Jennifer Blais Campbellton EG - 20100197 Comeau Optical Current  
  Stefan Bohnsack Fredericton EG/CL - 20030010C FYI Doctors Current  
  Holly Bonspille Campbellton Apprentice Déja Vu Optics  
  Suzèle Boudreau Moncton EG - 20030011N N/A Associate  
  Tammy Boudreau Caraquet EG - 20130237 Dr, Martin Boudreau C.P. Inc. Current  
  Line Boudreau Moncton EG/CL - 20130238C Vision Plus Current  
  Marcia Boudreau Moncton EG - 20030075 Pearle Vision Current  
  Jennifer Boudreau Saint John EG/CL - 20110224C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Dominik Bourgoin Grand Falls EG - 20150270 Clinique d'Optométrie Hiboo Current  
  Alyssa Branch Bathurst EG/CL - 20190360C Vogue Optical Current  
  Mireille Brisson Moncton EG/CL - 20110221CN N/A Associate  
  Jeffery Brown Fredericton EG/CL - 20160292C Spectrum Vision Clinic Current  
  Nathalie Brun Moncton EG - 20180330 Vogue Optical - Mountain Road Current  
  Melanie Buck Saint John EG - 20180323 Dr. A. Brown & Associates Current  
  Hayley Butcher Saint John EG - 20170312C Walmart Optical Current  
  Charlene Byers Fredericton EG - 20170321 Spectrum Vision Current  
  Caley Caissie Haut-Saint-Antoine EG - 20140246N N/A Associate  
  Lorne Campbell Doaktown EG - 20030018 Mobile Optician NB Inc. Current  
  Annie Caron Dieppe EG - 20160282 Pearle Vision Current  
  Louis Caron Campbellton EG - 20110214 JG Optique Current  
  Mily Caron Edmundston Apprentice Visionnaire, Dre Linda Boulay  
  Anthony Carroll Fredericton EG/CL - 20090188CN N/A Associate  
  Kelly Chabot Dalhousie EG - 20170315 Iris Current  
  Steven Charlebois Moncton EG/CL - 20070167C Off the Wall Eyewear Emporium Current  
  Sebrina Chase Dieppe EG - 20070169 Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Janik Chiasson Lamèque EG - 20180327N N/A Associate  
  Crystal Clowater Fredericton EG - 20030021 Spectrum Vision Clinic Current  
  Charles Comeau Miramichi EG/CL - 20030024C N/A Current  
  Natalie Cooper Saint John EG - 20120233 20/20 Vision Care Inc. Current  
  Karen Corey Saint John EG - 20120236 Dr. A. Brown & Associates Current  
  Charles Cormier Moncton EG - 20030025 Brunswick Optical Current  
  Darlene Cormier Bathurst EG - 20030026 Heritage Optical Current  
  Michel Cormier Dieppe EG - 20160295 Pearle Vision Current  
  Nicole Cormier Moncton EG - 20130240 Hakim Optical Suspended  
  Vanessa Couture Bathurst EG/CL - 20190358C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Kimberley Crawford Saint John EG - 20030113 Vogue Optical - King Street Current  
  MacKenzie Creamer Miramichi EG - 20210410 Walmart Vision Center Current  
  Jennifer Creese Fredericton EG/CL - 20140254C Vogue Optical - Main Street Current  
  Erin Currie Fredericton EG/CL - 20040142C Walmart Vision Centre - North Current  
  Georgia Curtis Fredericton EG/CL - 20210386C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Jessica Daigle Moncton EG/CL - 20150262C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Lise-Anne Daponte Dieppe EG - 20120232 Vogue Optical Current  
  Sheri Day Moncton EG - 20130245 Vogue Optical - Mountain Road Current  
  Tracy Defazio Hampton EG - 20140247 Vogue Optical Current  
  Vanessa Degrace Bathurst EG - 20210401 Clinique d'optométrie Chaleur Current  
  Kimberley Dennis Fredericton EG/CL - 20030030C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Maggie Dennis Saint John EG/CL - 20190351C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Geneviève Desgagnés Moncton EG/CL - 20110210C FYI Doctors Current  
  Kelly Desjardins Grand Falls EG - 20110216 Vogue Optical Current  
  Brittany Deveau Moncton EG/CL - 20190362C Vogue Optical - St George Street Current  
  Alexandre Dionne Edmundston EG/CL - 20200374 Dr. Linda Boulay Optométriste Current  
  Fréderic Dionne Edmundston EG - 20160287 Dr. Linda Boulay, OD Current  
  Debbi Donovan Moncton EG/CL - 20120234C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Sophie Doucet Bathurst 20060156 Wal-Mart Vision Centre Current  
  Raymond Doucette Rothesay EG - 20030034HP Exclusive Eyewear Ltd. Current  
  David Driscoll Saint John EG/CL - 20030036CHN N/A Retired  
  Nicole Duguay Bathurst EG - 20100201 Vogue Optical Current  
  Céline Duguay Tracadie-Sheila EG - 20070170 Clinique d'Optométrie Vision Santé Current  
  Sydney Dwyer Fredericton EG/CL - 20190353CN N/A Associate  
  Mitchell Feero Fredericton EG - 20180335 Downtown Optometry Clinic Current  
  Andrea Fennell Rothesay EG/CL - 20140248C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Sarah Fergus Saint John EG/CL - 20160284C Costco Vision Center Current  
  Mya Ferguson Dieppe EG/CL - 20180329C Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Emilie Ferron Bathurst EG/CL - 20130241CN N/A Associate  
  Avery Fife Moncton EG - 20180340N N/A Associate  
  Laura Firth Fredericton EG/CL - 20180328C Spectrum Eyecare & Eyewear Current  
  Monique Fleming Fredericton EG/CL - 20080177CN N/A Associate  
  Lindsay Fowler Saint John EG - 20120227 Loblaw Optical Current  
  Dawn Fox Fredericton EG - 20050149 Hickey Optometry Current  
  Monique Gabriel Moncton EG - 20180339 Walmart Vision Center Current  
  Catherine Gallant Moncton EG - 20070168 Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Michael Gallant Fredericton EG/CL - 20030041CHP Vogue Optical Associate  
  Jaden Gallant Moncton EG/CL - 20210391C FYI Doctors - Dieppe Current  
  Kristy Gallant Moncton EG/CL - 20160289C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Jessica Gallant Dieppe EG - 20170310 Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Brooke Gallant Moncton EG/CL -20190363CN N/A Associate  
  Rebecca Ganong Rothesay EG/CL - 20160299C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Sharon Garnett Saint John EG - 20030042 Vogue Optical - King Street Current  
  Maddison Garnett Fredericton EG/CL - 20160300C Pearle Vision Current  
  Brigitte Gaudet Moncton EG/CL - 20060157C Hakim Optical Current  
  Candice Gautreau Riverview EG/CL - 20100203C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Janice Gillies Fredericton EG - 20030045 Gillies Optical Current  
  Brett Gilmore Fredericton EG - 20030134 Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Vince Gionet Campbellton EG - 20100206 Deja Vu Optics Current  
  Carmen Girouard Moncton EG - 20150278 Brunswick Optical Current  
  Cam Goguen Oromocto EG - 20130242 Vogue Optical Current  
  Victoria Goodwin Moncton EG/CL - 20210404C Vogue Optical Current  
  Tanya Gormley Fredericton EG - 20030049 Dr. Bohnsack & Steffler FYI Doctors Current  
  Emma Green Grand Falls EG/CL - 20210389C Vogue Optical Current  
  Isabelle Guillemette Dieppe EG -20040145 Citadel Eyewear Current  
  Kimberley Hachey Saint John EG/CL - 20030051C Kerr Optical Current  
  Lori Haines Fredericton EG - 20090194 Vogue Optical - Main Street Current  
  Madeline Hall Saint John EG/CL - 20210396C Vogue Optical Current  
  Lynne Hamilton Rothesay EG - 20030053 Rothesay Eye Signature Boutique Current  
  Keith Hamilton Campbellton EG - 20150274 Déja Vu Optics Current  
  Karen Harding St. Stephen EG - 20030054N N/A Associate  
  Michelle Hatheway Fredericton EG - 20030055N N/A Associate  
  Rachel Hawkes Moncton EG/CL - 20150277C Vogue Optical - Mountain Road Current  
  Sarah-Beth Hayes Miramichi EG/CL - 20160298C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Melonie Hebert Fredericton EG/CL - 20030140C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Melanie Hebert Bouctouche EG/CL - 20170317CN N/A Associate  
  Lisa Hedden Moncton EG/CL - 20030057C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Robyn Hedden N/A Apprentice Off the Wall Eye Emporium Current  
  Chelsey Hendrickson Fredericton EG/CL - 20210402C Costco Vision Centre - Saint John Current  
  Jeanne Hickey Moncton EG/CL - 20030058CN N/A Associate  
  Naomi Hunt Moncton EG/CL - 20160301CN N/A Associate  
  Cory Imhoff Moncton EG - 20140250 Loblaw Optical - Main Street Current  
  Peter Janes Fredericton EG/CL - 20030061CHP Gillies Optical & Hakim Optical Current  
  Jessica Jay Fredericton EG/CL - 20170309C FYidoctors Current  
  Tracy Johnston Miramichi EG/CL - 20030062C Vogue Optical, 130 Ellen Street Current  
  Cayleigh Johnston Moncton EG/CL - 20210385C Off the Wall Eyewear Current  
  Douglas Kerr Saint John EG/CL - 20030066CHP Kerr Optical Current  
  Brenda Killam Moncton EG - 20150276 Tantramar Eye Care Current  
  Melissa King Miramichi EG - 20090191 Vogue Optical, 130 Ellen Street Current  
  Jennifer Kuske Saint John EG - 20030137 Kerr Optical Current  
  Sylvie Lagacé-Doiron Miramichi EG - 20080186 Vogue Optical, 2485 King George Hwy. Current  
  Pierre Landry Moncton EG/CL - 20030069CH Personal Opticians Inc. Current  
  Janica Landry Moncton EG/CL - 20190348C FYI Doctors Current  
  Annik Landry Moncton EG/CL - 20160297 Elmwood Optometry Clinic Current  
  Caroline Langis Moncton EG - 20090195 Centennial Optical Rep. Current  
  Monique Lavoie Moncton EG - 20030072N N/A Associate  
  Karine Léger Moncton Apprentice Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Jean Léger Moncton EG/CL - 20150264CN Vision Group Canada Associate  
  Angela LeBlanc Moncton EG - 20030043 Brunswick Optical Current  
  Jenny LeBlanc Campbellton EG/CL - 20030074C JG Optique Current  
  Alyssa LeBlanc Moncton EG/CL - 20200373C Beyond 20/20 Optometry Current  
  Josée LeBlanc Shediac EG/CL -20030068C Vogue Optical Current  
  Emilie LeBlanc Moncton EG/CL - 20210408C Elmwood Optometry Clinic Current  
  Manon LeBlanc Moncton EG/CL - 20190359C NB Eye Care Clinic Current  
  Marilyn LeBlanc Campbellton EG - 20190369 Comeau Optical Current  
  Sabrina LeBouthillier Moncton EG - 20160296N N/A Associate  
  Tara LeDrew Saint John EG - 20200375 Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Robert D. Lee Saint John EG - 20030076HN NA Retired  
  Robert W. Lee Saint John EG/CL - 20030077C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Justin Lewis Moncton EG/CL - 20030139C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Angela Lingley Saint John EG/CL - 20060158C Vogue Optical - 20 Plaza Avenue Current  
  Ashley Little Saint John EG - 20050148HN N/A Retired  
  Danielle MacDonald Woodstock EG - 20090190 Vogue Optical Current  
  Ben MacFarlane Fredericton EG - 20030081 Hakim Optical Current  
  Nicole Maillet Shediac EG/CL - 20100198C Vogue Optical Current  
  Diane Maltais Moncton EG - 20080187 Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Andrea Marr Woodstock EG - 20080180 Vogue Optical Current  
  Sheila Martin Saint John EG - 20040146 Vogue Optical - Plaza Avenue Current  
  Haily Mavor Fredericton EG/CL - 20180336C FYidoctors Current  
  Danika Mazerolle Moncton EG/CL - 20210388C Vogue Optical - Dieppe Current  
  Ciaran McCarthy Moncton EG/CL - 20180337CN NA Associate  
  Jessica McCarthy Quispamsis EG/CL - 20180337C Rothesay Eye Signature Boutique Current  
  Donald McCue Saint John EG - 20030084N N/A Associate  
  Roberta McLaughlin Saint John EG/CL - 20030085C 20/20 Vision Care Inc. Current  
  Thane McRae Saint John EG - 20030086HN N/A Associate  
  Susan Melanson Moncton EG - 20030087 Brunswick Optical Current  
  Chanelle Melanson Saint John EG /CL - 20210403C Costco Vision Centre - Saint John Current  
  Angela Melvin Woodstock EG/CL - 20030088C Vogue Optical Current  
  Lynwood Milbury Woodstock EG - 20030091HP Woody's Audio-Visual Services Ltd. Current  
  Christina Millette Moncton EG/CL - 20150263C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Natalie Mioc Fredericton EG/CL - 20140273C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Cortney Mollins Dieppe EG/CL - 20170319C Pearle Vision Current  
  Leo Moore Saint John EG - 20030094 Hakim Optical Current  
  Tanya Morehouse Fredericton EG - 20050151 Walmart Vision Centre - South Current  
  Gill Morrison Moncton EG/CL - 20130244C Vogue Optical - Mountain Road Current  
  Pauline Mullin Miramichi EG/CL - 20170306C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Jeanine Mullin Saint John EG - 20190347 Vogue Optical - Westmorland Rd. Current  
  Lynette Murphy St. Stephen EG - 20030038 Vogue Optical Current  
  Tina Murray Moncton EG/CL - 20080181C Loblaw Optical - Main Street Current  
  Yvette Murray Dieppe EG/CL - 20100202C Vogue Optical Current  
  Jolene Mutch-Wortman Moncton EG - 20030095 Vogue Optical - St George Street Current  
  Thomas Nason Florenceville-Bristol EG - 20200370 Vogue Optical Current  
  Casey Nason O'Hara Fredericton EG - 20030096 Vogue Optical - King Street Current  
  Zachary Nevers Woodstock EG/CL - 20170308C River Valley Vision Current  
  Lauren Newell Moncton EG/CL - 20210382C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Khue Nguyen Rothesay EG/CL - 20190365C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Colleen Nobles Saint John EG - 20030098 Vogue Optical - Westmorland Rd. Current  
  Sonia Noel Dieppe EG/CL - 20030136C Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Chantal Noel Tracadie-Sheila EG/CL - 20150265C Clinique d'Optométrie Vision Santé Current  
  Michael Norman Moncton EG - 20100207 Costco Optical Current  
  Gary O'Connor Fredericton EG/CL - 20120230C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Marilyn O'Hara Fredericton EG - 20030099HP Mobile Optician, Marilyn O'Hara Current  
  Christa O'Shea Miramichi EG - 20090192N N/A Associate  
  Danielle olde Damink Saint John EG/CL - 20130239C Kerr Optical Current  
  Karley Ouellette Moncton EG/CL - 20210409C Off the Wall Eyewear Current  
  Angela Oulton Moncton EG/CL - 20030100C Oulton College Current  
  Keisha Pangburn Moncton EG/CL - 20210384C Off the Wall Eyewear Current  
  Ed Pardy Saint John EG/CL - 20090193C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Teresa Peck Sussex EG - 20080183 Vogue Optical Current  
  Thomas Peck Sussex EG/CL - 20080184C Vogue Optical Current  
  Lisa Petek-Allen Saint John EG - 20030101N N/A Associate  
  Jessica Piercy Moncton EG/CL - 20210395C Lasik MD Current  
  Yves Poirier Dalhousie EG - 20030105 Econo-Optic Ltd. Current  
  Yolande Poirier Bathurst EG - 20030104 Vogue Optical Current  
  Cynthia Poitras Grand Falls EG/CL - 20150275C N/A Associate  
  Jessica Potter Riverview EG/CL - 20190352C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Carla Price Rothesay EG - 20050150 Loblaw Optical Current  
  Lorrie Quartermain Fredericton EG - 20030107 Vogue Optical - Main Street Current  
  Leah Quinlan Hampton EG - 20030108N N/A Associate  
  Jennifer Rae Saint John EG/CL - 20150272C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Haylee Rae Moncton EG/CL - 20160291C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Jeremy Rattray Woodstock EG - 20100208 River Valley Vision Current  
  Paul Richard Moncton EG - 20030110N N/A Associate  
  Patricia Richard Riverview EG/CL - 20030003C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Julie Richard Dieppe EG/CL - 20150267CN N/A Current  
  Amyka Richard Tracadie-Sheila EG/CL - 20160285CN N/A Associate  
  Lyne Richard Moncton EG/CL - 20170318CN N/A Associate  
  Karine Richard Moncton Apprentice Off the Wall Eye Emporium Current  
  Christina Rousselle Bathurst EG - 20180326 Clinique d'Optométrie Chaleaur Current  
  Dominique Roy Edmundston EG - 20180334 L'Entrepot de la Lunette Current  
  Natalie Ruebeling Sussex EG - 20080176N N/A Current  
  Wendy Ryan Fredericton EG - 20110219 Vogue Optical - King Street Current  
  France Savoie Bathurst EG - 20060159 Dr. Rachelle Savoie, O.D. Current  
  Angela Savoie Moncton EG/CL - 20170313C Loblaw Optical - Trinity Drive Current  
  Jacqueline Scott Oromocto EG - 20030135N N/A Associate  
  Wyatt Sewell Oromocto EG/CL - 20210398C Vogue Optical Current  
  Krista Sheaves Saint John EG - 20150260N N/A Associate  
  Jennifer Shedd-Watters Saint John EG/CL - 20100199CN N/A Associate  
  Ross Sherwood Fredericton EG - 20030116 Pearle Vision Current  
  Richard Shipley Saint John EG/CL - 20030117CHP Walmart Vision Centre Current  
  Madison Sirois Bathurst EG/CL - 20210407C Clinique d'Optométrie Chaleur Current  
  Wayne (Manny) Smith Quispamsis EG - 20150259 Vogue Optical Current  
  Christiane Soulis Fredericton EG - 20100209 Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Natasha Spence Riverview EG - 20150266 Vogue Optical Current  
  Lori Sprague Fredericton EG/CL - 20090189CN N/A Associate  
  Tammy St. Pierre Fredericton EG/CL - 20060160C N/A Current  
  Mark Steeves Moncton EG - 20110223 FYI Doctors Current  
  Dominique Steeves Moncton EG/CL - 20210392C Oulton College Current  
  Patricia Stewart Moncton EG - 20030121HN N/A Retired  
  Karen Stewart Moncton EG - 20030027 FYI Doctors Current  
  Dianna Stewart Riverview EG/CL - 20030119C Loblaw Optical Current  
  Lori Stratton Riverview EG/CL - 20200371C Vogue Optical Current  
  Paige Stuckless Perth-Andover EG/CL - 20170314C River Valley Vision Current  
  Holly Tattrie Riverview Apprentice Vogue Optical Current  
  Olivia Thibeault Saint-Quentin EG/CL - 20140255C Visique Current  
  Justin Thibodeau Moncton EG/CL - 20190350C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Cherie Thorne Saint John EG - 20030138N N/A Associate  
  Lauren Tingley Saint John EG /CL - 20180332C Vogue Optical - Westmorland Rd. Current  
  Brooke Trevors Miramichi EG/CL - 20160302CN N/A Associate  
  Tanya Twohig Moncton EG/CL - 20210394C Vogue Optical Current  
  William Van Wart NS EG - 200351053HN N/A Retired  
  Monique Vautour Moncton EG/CL - 20150279C FYI Doctors Current  
  Nicole Viel Edmundston EG - 20030125 Lunetterie Illusion Current  
  Wendi Voutour Saint John EG - 20110217 Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Amélie Voyer Edmundston EG/CL -20190349C Clinique d'Optométrie Hiboo Current  
  Khrysty Walters Moncton EG/CL - 20140252C Hakim Optical Current  
  Bethany Whittaker Saint John EG/CL - 20210390C Vogue Optical - Quispamsis Current  
  Michael Williston Moncton EG - 20030129H Elmwood Optometry Clinic Current  
  Natasha Wilson Fredericton EG/CL - 20210405C Downtown Optometry Clinic Current  
  Stephanie Wood Fredericton EG/CL - 20030130C Costco Vision Centre Current  
  Ellen Yerxa Fredericton EG - 20030022HP Walmart Vision Centre - South Current  
  Sathe Zarei Moncton EG/CL - 20080182C Loblaw Optical - Trinity Drive Current