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You Have an Optician’s License in Canada, and you want to register in New Brunswick?

1. Fill out the application above.

2. Return the application with:

  • payment of $400.00 to cover licensure from the date of acceptance to the next August 1st (payment may be made by cheque or money order, or by Visa or Mastercard by telephone to 506-642-2878).
  • a complete resume of your education and work experience
  • an official transcript from the optical dispensing program from which you graduated (may be faxed - 506-642-7984 - or emailed - - directly from the educational institution).
  • proof of success at the National Optical Science examination(s), or the equivalent examination you completed prior to licensure (again, may be faxed - 506-642-7984 - or emailed - -directly to us from NACOR or the administering body).
  • a copy of your current license.
  • A current photograph


3. We will contact your provincial regulatory body directly to verify that you are currently in good standing.

4. The OANB Council will review your application and supporting documentation, and vote to register you if all is in order.

5. Registration will follow usually within 48 hours of complete documentation & payment are received (provided all is in order).

This page of our website has been funded by the Province of New Brunswick

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